Biography Sandra H. Camper

Portrait-1 Sandra has been painting for 25 years. She has always been fascinated with nature, especially the ocean and the colorful abundance of life within.

Originally from Switzerland, she moved to Florida to be able to SCUBA dive and paint her marine encounters as well as the wealth of wild and exotic plant life. Her underwater journeys help her to capture the essence of life, which is expressed in her paintings. An essence of timelessness and colors, which illustrates nature showing the joy of living.

Her paintings are mostly acrylic media on canvas. She uses layers of paint and gel to create a variety of textural surfaces. On some of the paintings, sand and modeling paste are applied with a palette knife to build an impasto. Objects found such as shells and dried leaves are layered and fused with a heavy gel medium to further enhance the connection to nature.

Education: University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland
Residence: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida